Frequently Asked Questions

Who does mediation work for?
Mediation works for couples who have come to the realistic conclusion that they would like to end their marriage through divorce. They understand that time is money, and want to work through the divorce process with the least possible amount of dramatics, heartache, and expense. They have shared assets, debts, children, or any of the above.

Who doesn't mediation work for?
Mediation does not work for high-conflict divorces.  If there is a major contestation on either side, or if both parties do not agree that divorce is the correct path, mediation will not prove effective.

Really, no lawyer?
Every divorce proceeding requires adherence to the law, but a lawyer is not required in order to settle the financial realities of the divorcing couple's future.  A litigated divorce works for one party-- the lawyer.  Every conversation, every phone call, every case review is less money in your pocket and more in the lawyer's wallet.  Through the process of mediation both parties are able to speak, be heard, listen, and think.  Mediations are are private, confidential, and sensible. This is done at your pace.   The lawyer is called only when everyone is in agreement of terms, and we are ready to file the final paperwork.  The lawyer will review the contract, confirm that everything is legal and accurate and will take the final step of filing with the government.

What about children?
Since mediation involves safe, open dialogue, mediation is likely the most responsible and reasonable way to proceed with a divorce when children are involved.  Don't surrender your right to the decision-making process to the Massachusetts Family Court process. Ivy Wall Consult can help you come to the best possible arrangement regarding the continued care of your children.

I'm already in the process of divorce, can I switch to Mediation?
Absolutely.  And you should!  People don’t necessarily realize it, but control of the divorce process should lie with the divorcing parties – not the lawyers.  Even In cases where a Judge will ultimately rule on contested areas, many of the issues you face would be far more efficiently handled with a mediator in advance. Particularly in the area of financial matters, the agreements you reach in mediation, prior to trial, will be custom tailored to your family and your needs.  You can mediate any of the terms of divorce at any step in the process.

What makes Ivy Wall different?
Steven Innis makes Ivy Wall different than working with a lawyer, another mediator, or going through a divorce alone.  His lengthy experience as a CPA, his CDFA accreditation, his personal divorce experience and his philosophy of proceedings provides an analytical yet compassionate solution to the trying times of divorce.  Everyone is heard, allowed time to think, and kept informed throughout the entire process. 

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