Divorce is a Financial Transaction

Hire an expert to help you with the financial transaction of your divorce

Divorce is a highly financial transaction.
Amazingly, at perhaps your darkest moments in your entire life, you will be making enormous financial decisions that will affect you for years (if not life). Given that, doesn’t it make sense to hire competent financial advice to help you to mediate fair and accurate financial agreements? Sure, lawyers are useful at the end of the process to ensure that agreements reached are valid, legal, and filed with the appropriate language. Sometimes we’ll also have no choice but to use the services of the Judge to aid with final decisions. But this does not have to be your entire journey.  Why treat such highly financial decisions as primarily legal in nature and leave them in the hands of lawyers? Most of us who have studied this dynamic can confidently tell you that employing that method is really, really great for one group – THE LAWYERS! 

divorce financial transaction

Don't waste your time (and money) on months of deliberation

Ivy Wall Consult Divorce Financial Analysis Services
Ivy Wall Consult provides divorce mediation services on Cape Cod based upon the financial realities of your case. One of the primary sources of friction between spouses that often leads to divorce is that of financial difficulty. You couldn’t make it work in one house with one set of bills. How is a Lawyer or Judge supposed to magically help you to now make it in two houses with twice the overhead? You don’t need a lawyer; you need an accountant who can analyze the numbers and help you to arrive at agreements that are workable.

In some cases, the financial problems are quite significant and only time and hard work can solve them. But in situations like those, the one thing that should be abundantly clear is that hiring a divorce attorney at a rate of several hundred dollars per hour to deliver body blows to your ex-spouse is clearly counter-productive to any hope of future security. By sitting down in a reasonable environment and carefully studying the living expenses, assets and debt load, budgets can be prepared and agreements can be reached that truly ARE in the best interests of both parties, and if there are children, whose responsibility it is to keep them safe? The answers lie in the financial statements, and as the saying goes, “the numbers don’t lie”. The legality of the agreements, all too often in court, take too prominent of a role; perhaps helping to rationalize why it costs tens of thousands of dollars to get divorced. This is a true shame and it is something that many attorneys are starting to realize. By fighting over money that you don’t have, you are mortgaging the future and often ensuring that bankruptcy filings and financial pain will follow the divorce for years to come.


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