Business Consulting Services on Cape Cod


Business Consulting Services on Cape CodFor many years now, Steven Innis has provided small business consulting services in varying venues as the primary service of Ivy Wall Consult. I have long considered myself more comfortable and effective filling those roles that the traditional CPA firm doesn’t have the time to focus on. Whereas the typical firm will emphasize financial statement preparation and tax reporting for twelve months of the year, I have tried to put my focus on year-round planning and execution in my clients’ workplace. My philosophy has always been that the value in what I provide to my clients is in helping them to grow their company, make more money, and accumulate assets. In business consulting services, the focus is just that.

Projects can range from institution of automated accounting systems, to spreadsheet analysis of profitability ratios, to documentation of employee functions. I have spent a great deal of time helping clients to automate their accounts receivable functions and better track the turnover of their billings. In today’s economy, such projects can mean the difference between survival and failure. And, unlike the typical accounting firm, I am comfortable taking limited scope engagements on projects that perhaps your CPA firm is either not getting to, or not interested in. For me, no job is too small and I have several long-term, ongoing large projects that I manage monthly. If you have an excellent relationship with your professional tax preparer, I will always encourage you to maintain it as there is great value in that continuity. However, if you need a hand internally to perform an analysis or special project, please consider Ivy Wall Consult as a local resource. See our list of special project examples.