Steve Innis Bio


Steven Innis is a native Cape Codder.  He graduated from University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Subsequently, he joined a regional accounting firm in Boston in 1986 and left in 1990 as a senior staffer. Steven earned his license to practice as a CPA prior to returning to Cape Cod, where he opened his own firm in Mashpee.

In 1998, Innis sold his practice to the Cape Cod accounting firm of Sanders, Walsh and Eaton, LLP and managed their Mashpee Office until 2004. A difficult divorce and single parenthood changed the course of his life and career. He left Sanders, Walsh & Eaton and, after a brief stint with a technology company in Falmouth, opened a small business and personal consulting practice.

From 2004 through 2010, while practicing accounting, Steven worked his way through the Family Court system, gaining valuable insight and considerable experience in divorce settlement and mediation practice. In 2009, Steve completed divorce mediation training with the firm of Divorce Mediation Training Associates (DMTA) out of Watertown, MA. It was at that training where the concept of Ivy Wall Consult was formalized. At this training, Steve had the opportunity to learn and interact extensively with fellow attendees who were mainly divorce attorneys who had come to the conclusion that the typical divorce practice has become outdated, inefficient, and often damaging to the parties to divorce.

Ivy Wall Today
In practice as Ivy Wall Consult Mediation Services, Steven is strongly stating that divorcing parties have better options than the choice of a typical, litigated divorce proceeding. In recognizing this, Steve decided to devote a significant portion of the remainder of his career to helping individuals to avoid exactly what he has been through in divorce proceedings for so many years.

Steve has devoted a large concentration of his continuing education efforts toward the study of divorce financial analysis, mediation, interdisciplinary training in collaborative practice, as well as helping divorcing parties to learn how to cope with their new reality. In November 2012, Steve earned the license to practice as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). Institute of Divorce Financial Anyalyst

Steve Innis continues to live in the Town of Mashpee with his two children. Steve’s CPA practice contains many friends, clients, and business acquaintances with whom he’s had long-term professional relationships.