Litigation Support


Steven Innis has practiced in the world of public accounting for more than 25 years. Much of that time was spent as a specialist in the area of small business and self-employment. Because the Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts market is so heavily concentrated with self-employed individuals, divorce proceedings are often difficult in terms of establishing the parties’ actual income and reasonable assessments of business value.

Because of this strong background in small business accounting and tax reporting, Ivy Wall Consult is uniquely qualified to assist the divorcing parties and their attorney in litigation support matters. Engagements are evaluated based upon the type of industry involved and the complexity of the issues. Oftentimes, simple gross deposits testing and spreadsheet analysis can be an invaluable tool to the litigating attorney as he or she attempts to demonstrate to a Judge the actual financial capabilities of the parties. Steve Innis has testified in Court on many occasions in this role as financial professional.

If you, or your attorney, believes that there are business analyses that you will need to support your case in Court, whether it be for a business you own and manage, or a business that belongs to your spouse, Ivy Wall Consult can scope the services needed and provide a detailed plan for support and associated fees. Call today for a no-obligation consultation with regard to such services.

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