Budgeting, personal Finances


With a long history in the practice of public accounting, Steven Innis, CPA has amassed the tools, experience and knowledge to help you with your personal or business finances. Today’s accounting processes are rich with reasonably priced tools to assist you in automating what once was an incredibly burdensome chore. Whether you are a newly divorced single parent who needs assistance putting systems in place to deal with household finances, or a businessperson with a need to do a better job of billing and tracking receivables, Steve has the ability to help you execute. Small businesses today, as a necessary survival technique, have to do a better job of budgeting, forward planning, and cash flow control. Gone are the days when we do accounting purely as a means of support for year- end tax returns. Timely and accurate accounting is incredibly valuable to anyone who is struggling to make ends meet in a difficult economy. If you presently face the prospect of divorce and financial concerns are high on your list of worries, why not add the services of a qualified financial professional to your life?