Audit support on cape cod


Steven Innis, CPA has practiced in the tax preparation business for twenty five years. In that time, I have expertly prepared thousands of tax returns for individuals and small businesses. I can proudly say that the number of times one of my returns was selected for audit or examination by a taxing authority was quite small. However, times are clearly changing and the IRS has made no secret of the fact that their priority going forward will be to exponentially increase audit rates as a means of inducing better compliance. The philosophy seems to be to conduct far more audits, but to keep the scope of each examination short so as to hit more taxpayers each year. We in the practitioner community work with IRS and the State taxing agencies to ensure that our clients are reporting tax liabilities in an accurate and efficient manner. The vast majority of individuals who prepare tax returns professionally go to great length to try and execute this complicated, annual ritual in a compliant manner. Nonetheless, the Federal and State governments have the legal authority to examine any return they choose and the process of examination can be extremely time consuming and intrusive. The very fact that your return was chosen for audit can cause panic and stress for any taxpayer.

If you should find yourself in a situation where your return has been chosen for examination by one of the taxing authorities, you should strongly consider hiring a qualified professional to represent you in the audit. Oftentimes, the steps you take in preparation for an audit will have a significant impact on how the auditor approaches the engagement and the length of time and scope of issues he or she will undertake. While no one ever wants to be the subject of an audit, Ivy Wall Consult is your local resource in representation before the IRS or State taxing jurisdiction, should you need assistance in preparing and presenting your case.